Doggy Suicide

I have two Daschunds. I love them both dearly. I know them all to well.

Saidy is sweet, rarely does anything but sleep, is well behaved, and hates the outdoors, basically she's like Caroline.

Daisy is sweet in a bitchy, I run the house type of way. She growls when anyone invades her personal space, runs around outside chasing squirrels all day, kind of has my traits(I rarely chase squirrels though)We always kid that Daisy thinks the ranking in the house goes: Wylie, Daisy, Caroline, and then Saidy.

Anyway, Saidy is going to love the kiddos and it will affect her very little, except she may go from 20 hours of sleep per day to 18 hours.

Daisy on the other hand is going to lose it. I have already found her hiding under the cribs as if she's trying to make them go away or make herself go away. Also, Daisy has already taken ownership of the Frog Toy/Rug thing. How am I going to break the news to my sweet pup that she is no longer #2 in command?

Two Beds, One Bedroom

I know this picture appears as a Sponge Bob Family crime scene, but is really only me assesing the space, or lack there of, in the nursery(still weird every time I say nursery, it means I've having kids, kids, as in more than one, as in two).

Two cribs in one room really limits the spacing you have. So we found a dresser and a chair...or a square and a rectangle...either way you look at it, real estate is at a premium in that room.

I'll add pictures as we continue to update the nursery, but these are the cribs and bedding...Still can't believe I'm blogging about cribs and bedding(remember my last blog, complete 180)


Buy Buy What?

I can think of a better name for this place...like byebye money. But that's neither here nor there, we found bedding and apparently that's a big step. And that crap is expensive, especially when you have to buy two of them. And by bedding I don't mean a bed...I mean 4 pieces of some soft fabric that lines the crib, and I think they throw in a sheet.
Here's what the babies will be peeing and pooping on for the first year.

So to all my male friends who read this(assuming anyone is reading). Yeah, I'm blogging about baby bedding...so deal with it.

I can still party.