Fun With Easter...and Easter Hats

Easter was our first holiday as a foursome, and I learned a lot on Easter Sunday that I will need to know for future holidays.

Things I learned...

It is impossible to get 1 kid, let alone 2 kids to stare at the camera at the same as you will see, most of our pictures will have a baby with a hand in their face, eyes closed, weird look on their face, or crying....and these are the edited pictures, I've already deleted 500 pics of each shot to find these.

You can dress kids up on holidays...they are fair game, especially at this age. Uncle Ty bought them Bunny Ear Hats. Tyler will sure regret his solo picture come graduation or wedding time, but I think it is hilarious.

A 10 pound baby turns into a 50 pound baby 30 minutes into a church service. We were sore...and sweating midway through the service....maybe we need to eggsercise more.

All in all, the 1st Easter was a hopping success. I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anybunny else, I'm not yolking around.

Alright, I'm eggsiting stage left....


Beware of Apple Juice

At our appointment last week, we told the Doc that Tyler seemed to be "forcing" the issue when it came to going #2. Not only would he turn tomato red, but the "final product" was usually a hard ball of poop. It just looked painful for the poor guy.

Doc suggested adding 1 oz of apple, prune, or grape juice to his bottle twice daily.

Apple Juice tastes great, no problem getting the entire bottle down the hatch.
Apple Juice seemed to loosen things up a bit.
Pooping seemed easier and more regular.

Cons: His poop had the the rankest, most foul apple juice scent that you could imagine. I'm talking, smell it through his clothes, I had to cover my nose with my shirt to carry him to change rank. And it was yellow. Just all around bad.

After 3 days of apple juice supplementing, my man pooping with ease, and numerous threats from the nanny, we decided to cut the apple juice from the diet.

I'm not sure that grape juice would have been a better option, but I know one thing, prune juice would have been a horrible idea.


2+ Month Report

The last time we talked, we were exchanging the breast pump for formula...and the transition has been smoother than expected. (Except the formula poop smells 100 times worse than breast milk poop) The babies recently had their 2 month appointment. 2 months was a big step for the babies, they both eclipsed the 10 pound mark, Tyler weighing in at a chunky 10 lbs 6 oz, and Addison at a healthy 10 lbs 2 oz.

I honestly can't believe they have been here for over two months now. Just to give you an idea, 2 months consists of an estimated 996 feedings, 1,240 diaper changes, 3,720 wipes, and about 20 hours of total sleep.

The babies are changing so much everyday, Tyler is 100% addicted to smiling and does it often, and his biggest smiles come when he is doing a number 2.(Just like daddy) Tyler has yet to master the art of sleeping through the night, and is an eating machine. He eats every 3 hours, on the hour, without fail. This quality places him last in our nightly baby draft*.

Addison, is getting more beautiful every day. She smiles some, but is really good at sleeping through the night. She can go 6 + hours at night, which places her on the very top of both of our draft boards.

Both babies are sitting up in there Bumbos(not to be confused with a binky or a boppy), and really getting good at holding their heads up. Tyler has a little more difficulty with this because of his large cranium. His head is in the 84th percentile, compared to his weight in the 12th percentile. The kids got a big noggin. They have really gotten good at focusing on things around them. Addison really focuses on The Rangers and Mavs when they are on TV, Tyler focuses on himself in the mirror(Just like daddy), and his bumble bees on the top of his swing.

*Baby draft- Each night, we divide babies and conquer feedings/cryings. Since, Addison is content sleeping through the night we decided waking her every 3 hours wasn't the best way to keep doing this. Tyler eats a lot, and we don't want to discourage that, so when he's hungry we feed him. Each night Caroline and I alternate draft picks, 1st pick always get Addison, and typically gets a solid 6 straight hours of almost uninterrupted sleep. 2nd pick gets Tyler, and is guaranteed less sleep, at least one outfit change, and a 2:00 a.m. feeding. One day, Tyler will sleep through the night, but he's shown no signs of slowing down yet...

Pumping of the Breasts

Caroline has been pumping for the last 7 weeks and it's been going pretty good, but I think she finally hit her wall this week. In all fairness, she rivals Elsie in milk production, but spending over 5 hours a day attached to that machine has finally gotten the best of her. She had hinted the past couple of days that she was growing tired of it, so I figured the end was near.

Today I received a text from her that read, "One of my pump pieces fell in the dishwasher and melted, this breastfeeding is falling to pieces."

I feel I will receive the following texts, in no particular order at some point today:

"Scissors accidentally fell onto to pumping hoses and sliced them in half"

"Whoops! I left the breast pump in driveway, and accidentally backed over it"

"Crap! I forgot I backed over the pump in the driveway. Pulled car forward and ran over it again. I'm such a dummy"

"I know it's April, but I started the fireplace...and you'll never believe what melted when I set it next to the fire. It rhymes Shmeast Rump"

"Man, I started the disposal and it made this weird noise. I dug around in there and found all of my pumping materials. Crazy, they must have fallen in when I washed them"

Looks like we're moving on. Adios boobs.

You have no idea how accurate this picture is/was...


The Hangover-Baby Edition

You know the scene from The Hangover when all of the guys wake up in the penthouse, with a stripper, a chicken, a jungle cat in the bathroom, and Allen has no pants on? Phil wakes up and assesses the situation and says, "What the f*ck happened last night?"(3:35 on this video)

At about 8:00 this morning, I wake up and look at Caroline and my first words are, "What the hell happened last night? As I walked around the house it reminded me of The Hangover scene, but replace beer bottles, chickens, missing teeth, and a flaming chair with empty baby bottles, burp cloths, two disheveled wiener dogs, and crying babies. Last night was a rough one. Not much sleep for anyone. Addison and Tyler started off on different schedules and never got back together. Caroline and I decided to divide and conquer last night. Addison was all mine, Tyler was all hers. Addison and I went from couch, to crib, to rocking chair, back to crib, to Nap Nanny, before she finally decided to settle on the swing at 3:15 am. Once in the swing, we played to "passy game" which is where I put the passy in her mouth, go lay down on the couch and exactly 15 minutes later she spits it out and cries. We went 4 rounds. She won. She did sleep a couple of hours and I tossed and turned on the couch under a pink and white polk-a-dotted baby blanket. Then it was back up at 6:15 for her morning feeding. Caroline had the same experience, but I was out when hers was going on, so not much documentation on their all night partying. I'm sure it's much of the same story, with same results.

As for the disheveled wiener dogs, Saidy wants to be a baby. Every time they get out of one of their sleeping contractions, Saidy is on it. This is Saidy overtaking both of the nap nannies.

A couple of notes from this pic. Yes, I realize both Nap Nannies are pink. Luckily, Tyler does not, yet. We got a bunch of (free) stuff from on of Caroline's co-workers who had twin girls, and have yet to replace the pink cover. Poor guy, already getting run over by his little sister.
Also notice, the slant on the Nap Nanny on the right hand side?
That is because Daisy has burrowed under it.

Both babies are smiling now. Here is Tyler cheesing it up for Daddy.

Addison is still shy with her smiles, but as soon as I get a pic, I will show her some blog love too.