Out With the Old...In With the New

I've done trade-ins before...old car for new car, wedding present for Bed Bath and Beyond gift card, old girlfriend for new girlfriend turned wife. I felt that I've always won. But, this is one trade-in that I have lost...severely.

My DVD collection went from losing Doug in Vegas, Frank the Tank running through the Quad to the gymnasium, Stage 5 clingers, and Turtle to....

Elmo, Baby Noah, and Baby Mozart.

The problem is I love to quote movies...so if you see me roaming around and I'm making Elmo sounds, Coo-ing, or singing heads shoulders knees and toes. Don't call the psych ward. Just invite me over to watch Stu sing about what tigers dream of.

Nursery Final(hopefully)

I think the nursery is complete. It's very calming in there, I'm assuming it won't be that calm come February/March. Every time we go in there, we sit and admire, but it only takes me about 10 seconds to mimic a big WAAAAHHHHHH...Then Caroline chimes with her duelingWAHHHHHH. Not. So. Peaceful.

*As Caroline is reading over my shoulder, she wanted a disclaimer. My iPhone camera did not properly display the wall color. She says they "look kind of yellow". I am supposed to tell you they are "not kind of yellow, but they are khaki".

We had a friend paint the dog canvas.

We wrote the letters behind the paintings, and she painted them in.
I brought home the Glider and Banana Pudding in the same trip. She won't let me tell you what she was more excited about.

T & A (not that kind)

Picking names can be funny and hard. We had lists, check boxes, rankings, we took votes, etc. We vetoed some names because they reminded us of strange people we knew, others were scratched because they turned the child into some version of a mobile bird. We were close to Landon Eagle until someone pointed out it sounds too much like Landing Eagle. Some were scratched because my Dad failed the pronunciation test. We liked Cooper, he said it Cupper...not gonna work.

We decided on names, we like them, and we hope the kiddos do too.

The boy will be Tyler Thomas Eagle. Tyler is my brothers name and my middle name(don't ask me how my parents came up with that idea...no clue) Thomas is Caroline's brothers name, and has been in her family for years.

The Girl will be Addison Rebecca Eagle. We have always loved the name Addison, and Rebecca was my mother's name, and it just felt right to honor her in some way.

No News=Good News

Not much to report on the home front. Things are going great. Mom and babies are feeling good. Mom looks like she ate a watermelon...whole. Babies appear as if they are trying to punch/kick/karate chop their way out of mom's stomach. Mom says her clothes don't fit. I say duh.

Seriously, we are 80 days away from the "goal date"of Feb 18, and the babies weigh 2 lbs each, which is very good for Caroline's size, and how far along we are. We found this video, and found it hilarious and close to home, and is appropriately named, "Moms of Multiples are Freaks of Nature" Enjoy!