Randomness on: Bathing, Feeding, and Messes

I don't really know where to begin with this blog, or know where it's going to go...but I do know to tell you this is how each and every night begins and ends in our house.

NOTE:If you want the Cliff's Notes version of this blog, scroll to the bottom. This blog takes the scenic route to get where I'm going, if in fact there is a defined destination.

Tyler and Addison have started "eating"(very loosely used term) solid foods. They started at 4 months with rice cereal, not to be confused with Rice Krispies, as one of our less kid experienced friends amused us with. The following week they moved onto oatmeal cereal, and this week we started with bananas. Next week avocados. Basically the mess increase each week too...The mess on them, the mess on the bibs, the mess on the table...and yes even the mess in the diapers.

This picture is a couple of minutes into the banana feeding...Tyler has already ditched the bib and shirt(It's a lot easier to clean up regurgitated banana off of bare skin as opposed to a cotton bib)

Caroline and I decide to try out the high chairs for the first time, in the middle of the feeding. The kiddos seem to like them, but the mess on Addison's face appears to show she has given up on swallowing the bananas and really likes spitting them out. After about 15 minutes of attempting to shovel spoonfuls of mush into their mouths, solid food training is over and it's time for baths to wash off previously mentioned regurgitated bananas from each child.

This is what the kitchen looked like last night when we were done. Notice the two bibs that were discarded under the table. When I came into take this picture, the dogs were molesting these bibs with their tongues, proving their love for regurgitated bananas.

I need to sidetrack this blog for a moment to help explain the next pictures and the evolution of our new bathing techniques.

A couple of weeks ago we decided that the kids were too big for sink baths and it was time to move onto bath tub baths. Caroline and I wanted the babies to bathe together to make it like play time. We each decided we would get on our knees, lean over the tub, each holding a baby and proceed with bathing. The only problem with that is we are each holding a baby with both of our hands and we have no way to scrub them. As we are both leaned over, and wondering how in the hell we are going to clean these babies, Caroline quickly looks at me and says "Take your clothes off and get in" my response is, "I'm not getting in the tub naked with the babies" (Normally, If Caroline tells me to, "take your clothes off and get in", I'm in, no questions asked, but this was a different circumstance). So I grab a pair of gym shorts and hop in the tub with Tyler, she still leaning over holding Addison. By me jumping in, it didn't really free any hands up so I look at her and say, "You're going to have to take your clothes off and get in too"(In all fairness, if I tell Caroline to "Take her clothes of and get in" she usually declines due to a stomach ache or is too tired) So, she finds her nearest bathing suit and hops in. So in a span of 3 minutes we went from bathing the babies in the tub for play time to all four of us, crammed in our small tub bathing babies. Caroline has the faucet in her back, Tyler is peeing all over the place, and we don't have towels. Needless to say...bath tub bath #1 was a complete failure. Going forward we decided to use to pool floats we got as mini bath tubs inside the bath tub...whatever you want to call it, it works, and we don't have to get in.

Back to blog:

This the remnants of bath time after we clean off banana and oatmeal each and every night. I went to shower and tried every which way to shower with those floats in there, but it just wasn't happening. And this is how we end our evenings now...Two VERY adult beverages.







This might be the most rambling, random, incoherent blog I've ever written.


Which One Isn't Like the Other?

We have two dogs who we love. They used to be the object of our affection...key word in that sentence is "used". Daisy and Saidy know they have fallen a rung or two on the love ladder...their OK with it. They love the babies. If a baby is crying Saidy is the first one up to check on them, and usually sitting by their door until we get there, tail wagging. They give the babies kisses and are typically respectful of their space. Daisy's first trick started during baby feedings. She'll lay on the floor, and act non-interested but as soon as a baby burps, she hops up, anticipating "something" to clean up as a nice little snack.

Her newest trick happened this week. I can honestly tell you, she did this herself, and I had nothing to do with this pose. I think it proves she is smart...and needs some attention.
I think I will start worrying when Daisy only drinks out of bottles and starts wearing diapers around.


D-Day(or Father's Day)

After my little Mother's Day "slip up", I was hoping Father's Day would come and go without a mention...but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Father's Day turned into Father's Weekend, and am pretty sure(around 35% sure) that Caroline wasn't doing it to remind me of how I overlooked Mother's Day, but to show me how awesome I am at being a father.

Highlighted timeline of my weekend:

Friday Night-NyQuil + no baby monitors + no dogs + guest bedroom solo-(The NyQuil was necessary as I was beginning to feel a bit sick, and even though the babies are sleeping through the night the monitors aren't as distracting, but the listed combination is a recipe for a very solid sleeping night...which has been pretty sporadic over the last few months, and in turn, is very appreciated)

Saturday Morning-Caroline woke me with gift bags and babies in both arms. The babies, because of their limited work experience and limited budget, got me a trophy and coffee mug that said, "World's Best Dad" on them. Tyler got me a card that mentioned farting noises and pull my finger(the kid is already in love with farting noises), and Addison got me a sweet card that was no nonsense and all love. (She's a sweetie) Caroline helped supplement the babies budget with the coolest gift...She had a book printed with tons of pics and stories that highlighted my first 4 months as a dad.

*Note- Each time I open a gift or read a card...the Mother's Day wound opens a bit more and burns a bit deeper. I'm sure (about 35%) that this was not Caroline's intention, but it was always in the back of my mind.

Saturday Mid-Day - Caroline gave me her gift...which was a pool. Well, we rented a pool for the Summer, but what an awesome gift. Because we still can't decide if we want to move, or have a pool when we do move, we just rented one for the next few months, to stay out of the heat and have something to do, and to make sure Tyler isn't allergic to water.

*Dagger getting deeper...burning

I think the kiddos liked it though...

Saturday Evening-I got to nap after the margaritas...er, I mean after the pool. And it was a real nap...in bed, doors shut, fan on high...

Sunday-My Dad and Unc T(Ty) came out and we all went to brunch, came home, played with babies, and I napped all day. (I was honestly sick all day, and each time a coughed or sneezed I thought about how I might have made a deal with the devil for under-celebrating Mother's Day #1, and this was going to be my punishment each and every Father's Day from here on out...)

Sunday Night-Another date with NyQuil and the guest room.

Needless to say, after all of the sleeping, cards, gifts, and celebrating...Father's Day #1 was great.

I'm still sure (about 35%) that Caroline was doing it out of love.


Women Start Early

We all know that women like to talk, but I had no idea that it started so early. This is what Addison does most of the day now. She even woke up at 3:00 am just to talk, talked like this for 15 minutes, and then talked herself to sleep...If that doesn't say "woman" I don't know what does.

Highlights of the video:
Watching her tongue(She knows it's there, but can't quite figure out what to do with it)
Watching Tyler towards the end(sleeping right through it)
Addison picking up her pitch level at the end, and showing no signs of slowing down.

PS-You might not enjoy this video as much as me, but I've watched it a few times. It cracks me up.


Mastering the Silent Celebration

With the recent success of the Mavs coupled with the fact that the bambinos are in bed just before tip off, 7:30 pm, I have had to really temper my frustration/excitement at the TV. If you've ever watched a gamed with me, you know that I yell at the TV, mostly profanities and I often have the tendency to get off my couch and do celebratory dances when something goes right.

With the risk of waking up the kids or my wife for that matter, I have mastered the art of Silent Celebration. Silent Celebration can be described as yelling without yelling. I still fist pump the air, I still do my dances, I still celebrate...I just fake yell. Yes, mouth still open, mouthing words, and fake screaming...just no sound comes out. It's tough to do, and even tougher to master...but you no what they say, "Never wake a sleeping baby" My only question is, is it ok to wake a sleeping baby if Dirk nails a game winner?

Memorial Day Catch Up

Memorial Day took us down to Galveston, with the Jaggards who also have Campbell, who was born 3 days before the twins. It's pretty funny to see them all together, and all the stuff that goes along with traveling with 3 youngsters. A trip that used to require 1 Tahoe, a cooler, a couple of cases of beer, and some swimsuits. Now includes 2 Tahoes each stuffed with strollers, boxes of diapers, canisters of formula, 3 pack-n-plays, tons of luggage, numerous baby seats and swings, and, of course, we still make room for the coolers and beer. I was talking to my brother before we left, and he asked who is going just the 4 of y'all, thinking Griff, Jess, Caroline and I, I responded yes, then quickly remembered that 4 had turned into 7 in what seemed like overnight...Now the party has added its own mini wolf pack of Tyler, Addison, and Campbell. Another funny part of traveling with all of these youngsters is watching people's faces as you pass them. They inadvertently stare at you and then the babies and then back at you...it's as if the are calculating in their heads, "let's see two sets of parents, three babies, carry the one, niner" and then they brain overload. We were asked several times if they were triplets, and we got very good at our newly rehearsed response, "Nope, twins and a best friend"

Tyler sporting his new pineapple "swim" trunks. I quote swim because Tyler hates water. He hates bathing, he hates wet wash cloths, he hates everything associated with being wet. He was in the water for about 3 seconds before we can add "he hates swimming" to the list too. And if pattern holds we will be able to add, "he hates baptism" after this Sunday.

Addison rocking her new bikini. I would like to set the record straight, I am not an advocate of my daughter being in a bikini on the Internet...but I'm hoping this is the only bikini picture of her ever posted to the web...PS doesn't my wife look hot for having twins 3 1/2 months ago? She asked me not to post this pic, but I couldn't resist.

Tyler is getting good at holding his own bottle. My theory is he gets pissed when we pull the bottle out to burp him, so he takes matters into his own hands and feeds himself. The dude loves to eat.

Tyler and Addison were pooped after the long day the the pool.

We're the Three Best Friends
That Anyone Could Have
We're the Three Best Friends
That Anyone Could Have

We're the Three Best Friends
That Anyone Could Have
And We'll Never ever ever ever
Leave Each Other

We're the Three Best Friends
That Anyone Could Have
We're the Three Best Friends
That Anyone Could Have