Dog(s) For Sale-No Money Needed For Sale

Does anyone want two wiener dogs? Tonight Saidy was the straw that broke the dachshund's back.

 I would like to chronicle the evening for you.  Feeding begins sharply at 6:30, it typically begins with a few Puffs(which I've been known to eat a few too), a main course with a veggie, followed with a desert, which is usually applesauce or yogurt.  Tonight we were serving some ginger chicken pasta mash that resembled cat food, a side of sweet potatoes, and banana yogurt.  I always give Addison the first bite, she is typically the gauge on how the feeding will go. (Tyler would eat sardines if I fed them to him, so he;s usually not the problem) When Addison immediately gagged herself in refusal of the ginger chicken mash, I knew I was in for it.  I tried again, same reaction, spewed ginger mash, nothing in the belly.  On to the veggies for her.  The usual approach is feed her a couple of bites of the veggies, then sneak attack the refused dish.  Busted.  Spew everywhere.  Next step, dip the refused dish(ginger chicken mash) in veggie(sweet potatoes).  Make sure you get the veggies on the front end of the spoon so she tastes that first.  Winner.  Got in some mash, got in some I thought.  Three bites in I see this noodle looking material in her mouth. She gerbil-ed it. Kept the refusal stash in her cheeks, swallowed the good stuff. CRAP.  Final and most disgusting step, dip the refused dish(ginger chicken mash) in the desert(banana yogurt). Winner winner ginger chicken mash dinner.  

Dinners somewhat of a success...on to Wrestlemania 7.

What's Wrestlemania 7 you ask?

It's our pre-bed time wrestling match that begins at 7.  We each grab a baby from the high-chair and take them into the wrestling ring(their room). The bell rings, and the wrestling begins.  It sounds easy to undress a kid, throw on a clean diaper, put on some cute jammys, feed them a bottle, then night, night.   It's the furthest thing from easy.  I have yet to leave Wrestlemania 7 without needing a shower.

Anyway...during Wrestlemania we here this weird knocking around noise that we can't place. Ignored.  30 seconds later, we here it again.  So I go check it out, and this is what I find.

Things to note about this photo:

I know I'm incriminating myself, but I'm the guilty party for enabling this...see that top left chair? The one that's slightly pushed back from the table? That's mine and that was the entry route. 

Notice the two bowls that are licked so spotless that they could go back in the cabinet? One of those contained ginger chicken mash, which I thought resembled cat food, but apparently is more like dog food.  Notice the yogurt pack laid over on it's side? Also spotless.  Bib that was earlier covered in dinner remnants and drool? Spotless.  

The worst art about this is Saidy has the weakest freaking stomach ever.  She once ate a bag of candy corns and threw them all up...whole. Who can't stomach candy corns?  Looks like I'll be cleaning every bit of this off of the couch, floor, or bed come midnight.