Sexes, yes please.

It's gender day at the Eagle house. It's also Caroline's 30th birthday...We planned to find out the sexes on her b-day to make it super special.

I was sure I was destined for two girls, most of our friends thought two girls, my brother thought two girls, at one point Caroline had dreams about two girls, and my dad thought two boys, wishful thinking I'm sure.

My biggest fear was 2 girls for a number of reasons...the whole "and twins" Coors Light campaign didn't help.

Anyway, we wanted to find out the sex, but wanted to make it special. We(Caroline) made 2 pink and 2 blue cards and an envelope to place the cards in.

We were going to the doctor and told them not to tell us. After the nurse came in and did her tests and then sneakily discovered the sexes. Next, the Dr. walked in, jellied up Caroline's stomach, and said, "I already know what you guys are having!" As he moves the wand across her stomach, then he confusingly he says, "But I really disagree with what the nurse found"

Unfortunately, the nurse had already sealed the results in the envelope. (Note:When I say sealed, I'm talking Ft. Knox sealed, we found some good stuff so neither of us could cheat until it was time to open this bad boy.) We had to stop the Dr. from opening the envelope, "Don't open it, it's color coded, we'll see it" Dr. jokingly: "Are you guys kidding me...color coded? I'll just step outside and fix this thing" Dr. steps out, pops his head in "I misunderstood what she said...the envelope is right" I don't know if he was kidding with us or not, but disaster averted!

Dr Appointment end time 2:00

Estimated envelope open time 7:00

Amount of time envelope stared me in the face:

5 hours, or, 300 minutes, or 18,000 felt like forever.

We had a dinner planned at a friends house, every one was there at 7:00, except my brother who WAS STUCK IN TRAFFIC. On a 1-10 scale I would rank my overall patience tolerance is about a 1. Overall patience with this envelope in hand staring me in the face, negative 3...tops.

Envelope open, Caroline pulls the first card...BLUE.(Sweet, the Coors Light twins song has life again). I pull second card...PINK. Wow...Could not have been better.

Boy and a girl it is. I can handle pink, as long is there is a little blue involved!

Hangin in there..

Thing's I've become really good at since Caroline has started housing two parasites:

Sleeping on the couch, or realizing my space in the bed is super limited (Here's the breakdown--Caroline 60%, body pillow 10%, baby wedge thing 10%, Saidy dog 5%, Daisy dog 5%, Wylie 10%...that's right I rank above the dogs, barely, and below the pregnancy wedge...I wouldn't have believed that 10 years ago

Late night runs to CVS...but before I go to CVS, I have to reference the pregnancy book to see what meds she can take...all that while I'm being asked why I'm still at the house and not at the drug store yet.

Fixing dinner and then immediately throwing it away and going to get something else...I've been avoiding cooking all together...Her meals have these constants, bread, cheese, pasta, and potato salad. I HATE POTATO SALAD NOW.

Agreeing...It's just easier to say yes or do as told...I'm still battling this one.

Things I suck at since Caroline has started housing two parasites:

Using the word nipple and not laughing when referring to bottle nipples

Not farting-heightened sense of smell makes the weak ones bad and the bad ones usually end with her slapping me or throwing the remote at my face

Trying to quit cussing...That shit is impossible.

All in all, I think I'm hanging in there...but I freaking hate potato salad now.

Enough about me, Caroline, she's doing good too.


It's always fun to tell people that you're expecting. You get to tell your family and friends. And most importantly, you get to put it on Facebook. I swore I wouldn't whore myself out to FB when this was happening, but I was wrong. Facebook rules!

It finally starts making sense to your friends, they finally understand why you've been "shady" the past month and a half. They now understand why you haven't met them out for dinner, why you've declined their pool invite when it's 117 degrees outside, why you've basically fallen of the face of the Earth.

But when you tell people, you get to see the initial reaction after the word "pregnant", but when it's followed by "with twins" you immediately become a liar.

Cliff's notes version:

"Hey, we're pregnant with twins"

Response A: "You're lying"
Response B: "No you're not"
Respinse C: "BS"
Response D: "Are you kidding me?"
Response E: "I'm calling Caroline to ask her, I don't believe you"

I can go on...It's like the word "twins" automatically ruins your lifetime of credibility...

But in all honesty, we're pregnant with twins.