28 Weeks

Well, another week has come and gone. Another week that was filled with me and two wiener dogs sleeping on the couch and our dual incubating mother cohabiting our bed with a belly wedge and a body pillow. This pregnancy thing is really starting to take a toll on me. My neck hurts from sleeping on the couch, my jeans are starting not to fit due to my increased ice cream intake, and I'm not getting enough sleep.

As for Caroline, she's 20 minutes away from suspending her belly in a massage table for an hour and a half. So don't give me this, "Your wife is carrying two kids and you're complaining about a little neck pain...blah, blah, blah" she's living like a queen!

Interesting question that was posed to me this week at Happy Hour:

Question: So when your wife is pregnant, do you have a DD for 9 months.

Answer: Yes and No. Yes you will always get home safely, but it's not as great as it sounds. Sober people remember everything

Saturday (Early)Morning Conversation:

C:Wake up how do you feel?
W:I'm ok, I had a few beers. It seems early.
C:A few beers? You had 8 beers.
W:Oh, you counted.
C:I didn't count, I just know.
W:I had a good time last night.
C:Yeah, it was fun until everyone started repeating the same stories over and over.
W:That was funny.
C:Yeah, for you. Get out of bed, you promised me last night that you would get up early and run errands if we stayed for another beer.
W:I don't remember that

You have no leverage in this situation. NONE.

This was a very rambling blog, I'll work on staying on topic next time.


27 Weeks

I'm going to start posting weekly belly pics, so you can see what Caroline is lugging around all day.

Some fun facts from our last appointment:

We are still having a boy and a girl. No surprises.

They each weigh 2 1/2 lbs.

They are both crammed into the righter half of Caroline's stomach.

Caroline's is at 27 weeks. Her belly is measuring at 35 weeks.

We are going in weekly now, due to our 26 week trail run. I like this better. I get to know each and every week, that things are working out, and everyone is doing great.

10 weeks left. I want them to be here, but not yet they still got some cooking to do. I guess the best way to say it is, I can't wait for February 17 to get here.

Spoke Too Soon...26 Weeks Practice Run

Sure enough, the moment I talked about no news is good news, Caroline felt like she wanted spend Friday(26 weeks exactly) evening in the lovely confines of Dallas Presby's Labor and Delivery Unit.
Below is a timeline of our Evening:

7:00-Wylie is awesome husband and takes his wife on a date to Si Tapas . I would highly recommend.

9:00-Settle into couch about to watch Mavs game

9:15-Caroline mentions she just had a really big contraction, I look at her belly, it looks mis-shapen and hard. We have had Braxton Hicks contractions before, so this look/feel was nothing new.

9:20-Another contraction, a little to close together for my liking...but no real freak out...yet.

9:25-Another one. Crap. Wylie starts freaking. Caroline remains calm, and asks me to start timing them.

9:30-Another one. Caroline calls doctor, Wylie on verge of collapsing.

9:35-Another one, Caroline still calm, Wylie needs his own team of doctors

9:40-Dr. calls back, ask Caroline to go to Labor and Delivery to get it checked out.

9:45-Caroline wants to take a shower and "put on something cute" before we go. Wylie draws line, and herds Caroline in to car.

At this point, I've already failed the "you're supposed to be the super calm one" test. Failed miserably is a better term.

10:00- Wylie almost jumps over the counter at the idiot lady that is taking her time checking us in.

10:30-Meet the most calming nurse in the world, plus she's a TTU grad, Wylie calming a bit.

11:00-They measure the contractions along with the babies' heartbeats to make sure they are still good. Everything is cool, but contractions are still coming regularly, and they need to get stopped.

11:30-Caroline gets a shot Terbutaline, which is a common muscle relaxer that is given to relax the uterus, which will stop contractions.

12:00-Give Caroline a Fetal Fibronectin Test. This test is 98% accurate if a negative result when administered. This test will check for some enzymes that are produced during pre-term labor. If negative, 98% chance of no pre-term labor in two weeks. It takes about an hour for the result.

12:10-I discover TV in room. Catch end of Mavs game. Mavs win.

12:30-Test came back negative, contractions have stopped. WAHOOOOO.

12:45-Nurse gives Caroline an Ambien to sleep.

12:46-Wylie begs nurse for Ambien to sleep. Nurse says no.

12:47-Wylie begged nurse one more time for Ambien. Nurse ignores Wylie.

1:00 Home.

All this being said. Everything is OK, and we have our practice run under our belt.