2 Weeks Later...

I wanted to brag on Caroline, not only has she turned herself into a one woman dual feeding machine, but I think she looks AMAZING for having twins 2 WEEKS AGO.
*Disclaimer-Caroline said she would subtract 1 week from the Doctors' "6 week no sex after C-section" policy for posting this blog. I win, but not sure I can stay off of her for 3 more weeks if she keeps looking this hot. Now I just need to find a few more complimentary blogs to write, stat.


Friday Night...Party in the Nursery

Well, it's 11:10 on Friday night and I am laying on the floor of the nursery...why you ask? I'll tell you.

Mom is exhausted, next feeding time is midnight, and she wanted to catch some Zzz's. Everyone was ok with that, except our newest/most vocal member of the group, Miss Addison. So after rocking, swaddling, walking, rubbing, talking, and any other "ing" you can think of, I decide my best defense against silencing the baby monitors with her newest scream, which we call the "wounded pterodactyl", is to lay next to the crib until I hear the slightest of movements...and jump up and throw the pacifier back in her mouth. I think it's a pretty good look for me, Boppy as a pillow, small pink baby quilt covering knee to ankles, small blue baby quilt covering waist to ribcage, and my Kodiak bear like chest hair covering the rest. Sexy, if I do say so myself.

Hate to cut this entry short, but I just heard an explosion...crap(literally)

Who's jealous of my Friday? Anyone...anyone...(crickets)


Random Thoughts:Mostly on Pooping

Everyone is doing great...babies are eating, pooping, and sleeping(repeating), usually in that exact order and usually the pooping or peeing is aimed at us or ends up on us. We've had our share of diaper blowouts and golden showers too. Tyler is a little more vocal with his bowel movements(I know, like father like son), and we never have any question when his diaper is full. Addison is quite the little lady, and poos on her own schedule.

We found Saidy in the Pack-n-Play on day 2 of being home. She launched herself from our bed into it...luckily the kiddos were on the changing table...shocking I know.
Sleep is hard to come by right now...
The amount of wipes we go through are unreal...I would say it's 10 wipes to every dirty diaper.
I promise they do more than poop, but I just got done getting pooped on and that's all I can really think about, or smell, right now.

I will get back on the blogging schedule soon and will let you know what else they are doing once I get some zzz's.

Also, we have some really awesome friends. People have texted, emailed, called, and Facebooked checking on us and the babies. We have had dinners and gifts brought to us which has all been amazing. Thanks to all the peeps who have really does make a difference, and if we haven't responded to you yet, we will as soon as we get the poop off of our hands.

We Are Here...and We Are Pretty Awesome!

Quick timeline of events of how this all played out.

2:35 am-Caroline rolls over and politely tells me "Wylie, I think my water broke"
2:37 am-Called Doc and he told us to come in to have these babies
2:49 am Scrambled around the house, collecting necessary provisions for hospital survival
2:50 am- Make phone calls to family members
3:00 am-Hazard lights on, speed racing to hospital
3:10 am-check in, prepping for c-section begins
4:00 am-My dad and brother arrive
5:00am- Caroline heads back to OR
5:05 am-Wylie puts on scrubs and plays doctor
5:15 am-Wylie heads back to OR
5:35 am-Babies in arms

Tyler Thomas Eagle was born at 5:35 am on Feb 14, 2011. Addison Rebecca Eagle was born at 5:36 am.

Tyler weighed 5lbs 14 ounces and is 19 inches long...And if I do say myself, he is well "equipped". The doctor was quoted saying, "He should have come out wearing a jock strap"

Addison weighed 5lbs 5 ounces and is 18.5 inches long...and is absolutely gorgeous!
We have some pics on Shutterstock, and will continue to upload. Click here to view some pics!


Final Piece

Out with the old, in with SUV #2. We loved our Lexus and all the perks that came with it(free valet parking at Rangers and Mavs games), but we were realizing it was terribly impractical for twins. It would have been a tight fit for one car seat, let alone two. We opted for a smaller SUV, since we have the Tahoe(which seats about 12 comfortably), and went with the super-roomy Toyota Highlander. Buying a car is always an experience, buying a car with a pregnant companion interesting. I won't go into details, but let's just say Caroline told the salesman off(he was wrong), then refused to look at or even talk to him for the next three hours. Awkward. Then to make Caroline almost explode one of his cohorts walked up and said, "God bless you child, if you look up pregnant in the dictionary there will definitely be a picture of you" Not the best thing to say to a pregnant women. At least no one has told her she is "the weirdest pregnant woman I've ever seen"...oh wait.

Thanks to my insomniac, definition of pregnant, weirdest pregnant person ever wife for revamping the blog. I told her I wanted my blog to look like Natalie's or Jodi's blog...and she made it 3 am Sunday morning.

If you're counting, 4 days, 7 hours, 38 minutes 30 seconds.

I promise, next blog will have pics of babies!


36 Weeks!

We are FINALLY entering the last week of being a family of two, and will soon be a family of 4!!

Thursday we had our last rounds of doctor's appointments, and everything looked great. Caroline was trying to negotiate with the Doc to get the kiddos out early, but she lost. I can't say I will miss these appointments, but it sure was an unreal journey. It was always fun seeing the sonograms every week, watching the babies grow bigger on the screen each and every time we went in, tracking their weight gain, and hearing their beautiful heartbeats never got old. It was fun (for me) watching Caroline's poor body morph into a dual baby carrying machine. Every step of the way was something new for us, and as this entire "not making babies/making babies/pregnancy" journey ends...I know the new journey begins.

I can't wait to be a parent, I can't wait to be called Dad, I can't wait to change stinky messy diapers and get peed on, I can't wait to love these kids unconditionally, I can't wait to dress them up in matching Texas Tech outfits...There are so many thinks that I can't wait do. It's all going to be so now all I have to do is....wait. Wait for 6 days. 6 days 5 hours 35 minutes and 54 seconds to be exact, but who's counting?

I don't really know what this post was meant to be, but maybe it was just meant for me to kill about 20 minutes of "wait time" if so, 6 days 5 hours 15 minutes and 33 seconds to go. Mission accomplished.
I assume the next time I will blog will be to post(show off) pictures of two beautiful hairy babies.



Caroline has not been taken over by aliens, but she does have two babies that appear eager to punch, claw, and/or kick their way out of her stomach.

9 days away from being born, and it appears they want to remind Mom that they are still in there and aren't coming out without a fight.

We are both really eager to meet our babies, but want them to stay in as long as they need to. But, I did find myself googling "how to make your wife go into labor" today, and the most common response was "sex". Well, we all know that's not on the it looks like 9 more days.


35 Weeks and counting

35 weeks has come. Another major milestone in the books, and Caroline is still miserable. She can't roll over, can't sleep, breaths aloud like Darth Vader, and has run out of Friday Night Lights episodes. She killed 4 seasons in 2 weeks. That's 63 episodes, with a run time of 2,746 minutes. That's 45 1/2 hours. This is world record TV viewing at it's finest., folks.

With "Ice-mageddon" falling on the DFW area for the last few days. I have had the pleasure of working from home and supplying Caroline with some much needed (I thought) human interaction. I was wrong. She has perfected this bed rest thing to an exact science. TV schedule, eating, peeing, water breaks, all on a schedule. One day she told me that, "she was an hour and a half ahead of schedule, and it was my fault that her day was going by to slowly." This was the same day she woke me up at 5:30 am to watch Friday Night Lights with her. The only time I ever wake up at 5:30 is to go fishing....or watch Friday Night Lights...and in a couple of weeks change diapers and feed babies.

Every Thursday Caroline has her two doctor's appointments. We have named this weekly event the "Big Outing". It's the only time she gets out of the house and breaths fresh air. Mi Cocina was our lunch destination this week. Caroline was convinced people were staring at her because they "could tell she was a hermit and never gets out of the house" I didn't have the heart to tell her they were staring at her humongous baby carrier she had hidden under a half fastened maternity coat that her belly has out grown.

Week 35 appointment fun facts:
Caroline asked, "Is it normal feeling like the babies are going to fall out of me"
Docs reply, "yes that is normal, if they fall out, call me."

Caroline asked, "If my water breaks, can I shower and then come in to the hospital."
Docs reply, "No".
Caroline's internal thought, "I really need to step up my showering routine in the next two weeks"

Caroline's belly is measuring at 44 - 45 weeks. Go big or go home, right?

PS-Caroline is being a fun-sucker and said no more bare belly pics. If you want to get an idea of how big she is, go here!