Update @ 34 Weeks

A lot has been going on the past couple of weeks regarding us getting ready for T & A's arrival. I recently realized that I have never been responsible for a kid, other than a wiener dog for more than a weekend. And in less than three weeks, I will be responsible for two....just like that. No tests to pass, no certifications, no instruction manual, nothing, except Facebook(You can always find unsolicited advice from people you don't even know on there)

I put the car seats in. That made it feel real.

Last weekend my brother and some friends got together and we all headed out to the Lakehouse for one last shindig. They brought me tons of diapers, and we had a good time. I'm not allowed to get "blasted" anymore until the babies get here, just in case they arrive unexpectedly, so it was kind of weird telling people that I couldn't beer bong or dunkaroo that weekend. I started feeling sorry for myself, but the next morning I felt awesome and they did not. I win.

This is what 2,000 diapers looks like.

Our 34 week appointment(Thursday Jan. 27) was probably the best one we have had yet. Outside from the babies getting big(Tyler weighing in at 5 lbs 5 ounces and Addison weighing in 5 lbs 6 ounces) we got to see them pucker their lips, taking breaths, and see hair. Caroline and I always joke that I am quite possibly the hairiest being on the planet outside of an ape. So we always joked that Tyler was going to some out with a full head of hair and a beard. Well, no signs of a beard yet but definitely a head of hair. In the sonographers words, "he has a lot of hair, maybe enough for a pony tail." I'm bringing scissors to the hospital, just in case he needs a haircut. The Dr. also told us "you have won the battle, each day they stay in now is just icing on the cake." The Dr. also took Caroline off of "strict bed rest" which means she can get up to fetch her own water and snacks now, but no trips to Target...yet. We left the office high fiving, but no chest bumping. I don't think we could get our chests to "bump" right now.

This picture was supposed to be NFB,(Not For Blog) but it is just too good not to share. This is Caroline at 33 weeks 6 days and he belly is measuring at 41 1/2 weeks. In the words of my father, "They might want to do a re-count on the number of babies in there"

For now we anxiously, nervously, excitedly wait. We only have 20 days left. To me that seems like nothing. To my wife who is carrying 11 pounds of baby that seems miserable. I'm thinking they won't come until they are scheduled, which is Feb 17.


What Does This Face Mean?

This is the text pic I got about an hour ago.

This face reads: I'm bored, spilled my giant cup of water on the floor and on remote, remote not working, TV stuck on one channel and same volume, can't get up to clean water mess or change channel, muddy dog came in house and got mud everywhere, want to kill dog pouty face.

Life is good...

Nice Little Saturday?

With Caroline on bed rest, it's up to me to finalize everything before the babies get here. Saturday, I was extremely bored and ventured off to Babies R' Us, where I'm typically out of place with Caroline there, without Caroline I'm just a plain store idiot. My goal was to finish off the registry, and try to make it all fit in my Tahoe.

Registry somewhat completed:

Receipt that goes along with registry completion:

My next trip should be really interesting. I have to go get nursing bras and nursing tank tops. I'm serious. I really have to go get nursing bras and nursing tank tops. Out. Of. Place.


31 Weeks-Week 1 of at Home Bed Rest

So this is how Caroline gets to spend the next 3(hopefully 4 or 5) more weeks. Posted up, on the couch, with her sleepy dog friend, with water bottles, Gatorade, remotes, 3 seasons of Breaking Bad, re-runs of Real Houswives, and all the US Magazines a girl can want...

(Note: Due to lack of make-up, Caroline did not approve picture. Due to lack of time, Wylie wanted to use this picture. See back circle over Caroline's face)

...and a Wylie created Drawer O' Fun within arms' reach:

Parole Board

Caroline is on her way to the Dr. Parole Board. It is either going to be hospital bed rest for the next 4-5 weeks or home bed rest.

Hospital bed rest is good and bad. Good, you have doctors and nurses at your disposal and they are there 24 hours a day. Bad, you're in a freaking hospital all day every day. The smells, the food, the crappy cable TV, and the horrible couch/bed I had to sleep on.

Home is good because she can see the dogs, and Saidy is always on bed rest, so she would make a good partner. You have access to all your normal things.

Caroline doesn't really like me referring to her cervix in my blog, so from now on I will refer to it as Mr. C.

I have never really rooted for Mr.C or had any reason to root for Mr. C. But during our parole session, I have never wanted Mr. C to stay unchanged like I did yesterday. Lucky for us, Mr.C cooperated with us and hadn't changed a bit since Monday.
Which means she gets to go home. Which means I am now full time cook, nurse, house keeper, water fetcher, dresser, showerer, slave, assistant, get the point.

So if you're bored, feel free stop by Chesterton Drive and drop off a magazine or fill up her water bottles, or clean up the house, or bathe her.


Night 1

Night 1 in the hospital was not that much fun. The worst part is Caroline had control of the remote and we had to watch The Bachelor instead of The Orange Bowl. Lots of staring at each other, lots of phone calls, and the couch/bed that I had to sleep on had about a 60 degree slant towards the ground and an air vent directly above it. Kind of like sleeping on an Arctic monutain top and trying to avoid rolling to the bottom. Needless to say, I will be sleeping at the house tonight.

Hilight of the night for me: We got to order Dominoe's for delivery
Hilight of night for Caroline: She got an Ambien

Also, thank God for the website to help kill some of the time.

Babymoon...Kind Of

We have been going in every Monday for check it felt like a normal Monday at the Doctor's office, but it ended up being the end of the road for Caroline(she's not dead, just bed rested).

So the cervix is a huge key in keeping the "buns in the oven", and when the cervix changes the doctors don't like that. Well, Caroline's cervix has shortened and they immediately admitted her into the hospital. They weren't admitting her for delivery, but for precautionary. They are monitoring her, monitoring the babies(which look amazing), and giving the babies a little dose of steroids to promote lung growth(which is very normal, and seen as an insurance policy)

We were admitted Monday afternoon her earliest possible parole date is Thursday, but depending on the cooperation of Mr. Cervix, we could be in here for the long haul. Ideally, we would like for her be on bed rest at home, but a babymoon at the hospital isn't that unlikely.

Good news: Baby A(Addison) weighs 3 lbs. 8 oz and Baby B(Tyler) weighs 3 lbs. 11 oz.

30 Weeks and Happy New Year

30 weeks is in the books. To celebrate, we rang in the New Year with a huge blowout. Caroline didn't make the east coast new year(asleep at 10:45), but me being the party animal that I am made it to 11:15.

Things have been going good, Caroline is uncomfortable, having a hard time sleeping, and lots of complaining(kidding)(not really).

We've had a couple of funny experiences the last couple of weeks. With twins, your belly is obviously huge, and you look like you are ready to pop a little earlier than normal. So we had someone ask us if we were having a Christmas baby, we told them no, and that we had 8 more weeks left. They fainted in disbelief.

One week later, asked if we were having a New Years baby, same answer, same result.