Bathing-Pt Deux

Well, we happened upon one of the greater bathing inventions of all time. The Safety 1st Bath Chair And luckily for us, this device requires little parent assistance, less space than the swim rafts, and absolutely zero adult entry into the tub! 

This is the last 30 seconds of an Addison Giggle-fest that went on for about 3 or 4 minutes. We would squirt her with the bath toy and she loved it. Shocking I know, but bathing hands free/adult free can be a little more entertaining for the kids.

I'm still convinced that Daisy wants to be a baby, or at least get the attention of the babies...further proof.

Yes, those are paw prints at the bottom of the tub. I saw these when we came into clean up. I'm pretty sure if I would have caught her in there, she would have been sitting upright in the bath chair waiting for her turn to to be scrubbed down.

PS-we also tried the Bumbo Seat as a bathing dice. At first you can suction it to the bottom and it works great, but just as they get comfortable in it, the suction loosens, and the Bumbo turns into an inner tube ride. Tyler no likey.

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