Dual Feeding Wednesday

Mornings are typically easy around the house.  Baby's up at 6:45, feeding completed by 7:15 and Caroline's out the door, Wonder Pets until 7:35(note, Wonder Pets has the most addicting theme song yet, and they sing it at least 3 times in a 25 minute episode), play time on the floor until 8:00, down for nap, then shower time for me, nanny arrives at 8:45.  Sometimes those 2 hours pass like 15 minutes, others they pass like days. 
Today. Was. Rough.

Caroline had to be out the door at 6:30, which means I was all by my lonesome for this morning's events.  Out with the man-to-man defense, in with the Zone-Defense...and I forgot to make coffee.  Epic fail. 

Dual feedings are not my favorite and I try to avoid them at all costs(I can usually barter my way out by offering a nights sleep monitor-less in the guest room, not this time, as work called for C)  Dual feedings usually end with spit-up all over me or the couch(usually both), pissed off babies(usually both), and me threatening to punt a dog over the back fence(usually both).  I'll say it, Caroline won't, dual feedings suck.

So here we go, 6:35 and right on cue, both babies begin their morning talking.  They first part of the morning is usually my favorite, both babies are smiling, talking, and just really happy.  Change diapers, which were really full of pee this morning(too much info?), jammies back on, strapped into Nap Nannies, bottles made, and I take my reserved seat in the middle of both of them, shove the bottles in...and we're off. 

Dual Feedings typically require cooperation from one baby.  If one baby cooperates, you can usually fend off the other screamer for a few minutes.  Well this morning, Captain Cooperative(Tyler), turned into Captain I Want To Make Daddy Miserable...

About 15 seconds into it, I can hear Captain I Want To Make Daddy Miserable pooping. Tyler loves to eat, and usually nothing stands in between him and bottle chugging.  Well today, the Captain decided his explosion was going to stand in the way of it.  Only dilemma, Addison is not the easiest of feeders, and she was on a roll.  (My quick math shows that in 5 months they've been on this earth, we've fed them roughly 2,200 bottles, and he has never lost to her, ever.  He's like the Babe Ruth of bottles) Of course, she was ahead of him at the halfway point, and I'm in it to win it with her. Then she poops. And let me tell you, at 5 months, if there is one thing I know about my baby girl, it's that poop in diaper = stop everything and change me or I will scream until I'm clean.  To give you a time stamp, it's already way beyond Wonder Pets time.  I have to change them both now, and, of course, both poops were type that Haz-Mat uniforms could have/should have been worn. Diapers changed, feeding re-started, and by the time it was all said and done...spit up was everywhere, babies were pissed off babies, but luckily the dogs were still on our side of the fence...and it was nap time.


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