Text From an Old Fart?

I received a text from my dad this morning, and all it had was this picture.  
Study says kids at lower risk of injury if grandparent is driving

My first inclination was, "OK, he wants the babies to be safe and feels he should chauffeur them around at all times"  Cool, where's the dotted line, I'm in.  But then as I actually read the article, I think he was sending more of a subtle message.  The last line in the article has a quote from the professor that did the study and it reads: "Grandparents today are not that old, and don't fit the image of an impaired older driver," he said. "None of us should represent grandparents as kind of hobbling to the car on a walker." I get it, he doesn't want to be portrayed as the Old Geezer grandpa. Other than his really gray hair, his ownership of roughly 1,000 pair of reading glasses, and the fact that he still "takes" the newspaper...I don't really think of him as the OG(Old Geezer). 

It got me thinking, my dad is hip in some ways I never thought he would be...He has an iPhone(although sometimes he is seriously user challenged), plays Words With Friends(I beat him more than he beats me), he texts(sometimes it takes him hours to respond), and more often than not uses LOL, GR8, and OMG.(Although I did have to explain to him what LMFAO meant)  The man is on Twitter.(Twit handle is @heazle but he only tweets to people on The Ticket and SteveMartin so don't expect any riveting/life changing tweets.) And he reads my blog. (But he is still convinced the only way he can to get to it is through my Twitter profile and "can't find it on Google") 

So Pops, whenever you're ready 2 retire and become full time chauffeur, text me, tweet me, or leave me a comment on the blog, because I've got 2 car seats ready 4 U.  The only thing is, the pay isn't GR8. LOL.  

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  1. He also listens to Cake RHCP Mumphord and Avett bros Attends concerts of same and is hooked on Breaking Bad. How hip is that