We Have a Diva On Our Hands...

It's true...Addison is a diva.  We've been suspecting it for a while, but it became official last week.  Addison has always been the toughest one to feed.  She always writhes around, gags herself on the bottle, just wasn't fun to be around during feeding time with Caroline and I.  Typically when we were feeding her she would eat about 3 oz. to 6 oz. per feeding. (Tyler was chugging 8 in each setting)  We asked Alem(nanny) if she would have problems feeding her and she always said, No, and often said Addison would beat Tyler.  Hold up, what?  Beat the Sultan of Slug? NO. WAY.

So I decided to go on a recon mission.  I was working from home a week ago, and decided to step in on a feeding to see how Alem was doing it. And I must is quite a set up.   

Addison is strapped in the Nap Nanny, blanket wrapped around her, burp cloth propping up the bottle, and no one can touch her. You think, I'm kidding...I'm not.  We did this all weekend and she beat the Chug Master every time.   I'm not sure what it is about her not being held, or the bottle not being held...but it works.  I'm also not sure how Alem discovered this feeding method, but my guess is she possesses nanny-super powers.  

This puts her in Diva category right? Feed me how I want to be fed, or I won't eat.  I'm sure this will eventually turn into, "Daddy, buy me those clothes or I won't wear any" or "Daddy, buy me this car or I'll get a ride with the older boys"

Which clothes do you want, and name the color of the car. 

 Im. Screwed. 

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