Iron Chef-Baby Style

Caroline and I had decided before the babies arrived that we were going to try to make our own baby food. Our initial foods were sweet potatoes, pears, and carrots. 

We sliced and diced.

We steamed.

We burnt(I would suggest ommitting this step)

We got out every high powered kitchen gadget we owned, and even borrowed one too. 
The one on the left is the Beaba BabyCook Baby Food Maker.
The one in the center is the Vitamax Juicer/Blender.(This thing is a blender powered by a jet engine)
The one on the right is the Cuisanart Food Processor

We made stuff into mush.

 We froze said mush.  

And...voila.  1 oz. baby food servings.

Oh yeah...we drank too.

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