Parfing...I'll Explain

I think it has been pretty well documented that Tyler is the human body fluid volcano ...fluid is usually erupting from him most of the ranges from spit-up to barf to pee to explosive diapers.  He's a boy, and apparently thats what boys do.

This weekend Nana and Papa(Caroline's folks) came into town for a few days.  Nana is usually pretty smart about putting on her haz-mat uniform if she is feeding Tyler...but I think she got a little too comfortable with him towards the end of the trip.  We were letting the babies "air out"(squirm around on the floor completely naked) before bath time when Nana got the Parf Treatment.  Parf Treatment, you ask? Ah's the baby version of a shart. It's a pee barf combo.   We were just playing with them on the floor and Nana decided she wanted to pick Tyler up...naked...bad idea.  He looks at her, gives her his adoring smile, points the "snake" in her direction, and lets it flow.  She tells me, "I need a rag", and not a second later does he open up his barf valve and hit the exact same spot he just pee soaked with some warm, regurgitated formula.  I'm talking sniper like precision.  The first thing that came to her mind was, "get me a rag" the first thing that came to my mind was, "blog".  So Nana sat there for a few extra seconds while I scrambled to get the iPhone...

I present to you...."Parfing"

In other baby news, Pops and I decided to baby proof all of the cabinets(huge freaking beating).  Tyler wanted to hang out with the men and watch us do some work.  I think he was extremely unimpressed....I looked over and he was literally passed-out, snoring in the bouncy-chair-hanging-thing...

Also, this link is full of pics that I put on Facebook. You don't have to have Facebook to access it, and I put mostly cute pictures on there because I want everyone to tell me how cute and awesome my babies are over and over again, not really, well sort of.  

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