I don't even know what to title this blog...

OK...so I promised the next blog would involve bird poop and diarrhea.  And I promised I would blog in the next day or two...obviously that didn't happen.  I'm not going to back track the trip home from KC, but I will tell you that my "1 stop theory" failed miserably.  Both kids had diarrhea the entire way home.  It was awful.  I have vowed to never drive with kids that far again....ever.  Flying is the only way to go.  I made this vow before we even got halfway home (PS:I got my way...guess who has a solo ticket to KC over Thanksgiving? THIS GUY.  C is taking the bambinos up with her folks, and I'm leaving on a jet plane)

No to the bird poop portion of the story...I met C and the kids on the way up parked my car under a shade tree at hotel. Good News:Car was still there when we got there.  Bad News: Apparently every pigeon in Denton, Tx uses that tree as its on personal fly-by-crap-station.  My car looked like it had been blasted with 1,000 white paintballs.  White spots everywhere. 3 car washes later...she was fully recovered.

In other news, the babies are doing great.  Addison says "Mama" now, and if you listen really hard and twist the words "Dada" comes out every once in a while.  She is definitely a Daddy's girl.  Whenever I walk in the room, her face lights up and she gives me the biggest smile and just stares at me.  I wish I could tell her that she was the first girl that this happened to, but we all now that's not the case. (rimshot?)  She is really into the dogs and sleeping....and apparently newspaper.

Tyler is becoming a crazy little man.  He has two teeth now, and is literally all over the place.  He crawls everywhere, and this week he got two bruises on his head.  He tries to pull himself up on those walker things that look like cars...and doesn't realize they have wheels....and BAM! that thing will shoot out from under neath him in no time.  They both eat everything....Yes, even dog food. Not sure it's pediatrician approved, but it is a heck of a lot cheaper than formula.
(He constantly wears those red marks on his forehead)

Caroline's college roommate(Dr. ZZ Topp, yes that is her real name) came into town to visit us this last weekend.(And by us, I mean them) Caroline explained to her that "kids are like having dogs, but you love them a lot more" ...which makes the above picture come full circle...

I'm not making any promises on when my next blog will be, but  I keep making promises to myself that I will pick up the pace.  

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