The Art of...

I was really excited to share my blog on the AOFD(Art of the Fake Drink) a few months ago.

I feel like I have created another "Art of".  I like to call it the "Art of the Drive and Dump".  I know what most of you are thinking, and I know a lot of my blogs revolve around poop...but not this one.  This is a whole new kind of dump.

With twins, you have tons of "stuff" that stockpiles up.  Stuff that you use a couple of times, if that, and then it takes up space and collects dust in your garage...so it's always good to have an exit strategy.  Most people chose the garage sale or the "come and take what you want method". Not me.  That takes too long and you give people the option of not taking stuff you want to get rid of.

I present the Art of the Drive and Dump


1-Find Someone thats having Twins, preferably close by- Luckilly, for us, some of our friends are having twins(I think it's still top secret so I cant name names)

2-Set a limit on how full you want your garage to get- about every other weekend mine hits capacity, and I load up some stuff in the truck, and head that way.

3-Show up unannounced-This is a crucial step.  They can't turn you down, if you don't tell them you're coming. No warning, just drive up, knock knock and walk right in.

4-Act like its all important stuff your giving them-They can't say no, because they don't know what half of it is or even does.  Just nod and act like it's really important. Just start explaining something they don't know about yet, tell them it's how you survived weeks 2-4, and they're in.

5-Establish a no return policy-Even though no money is changing hands, make it known that this is a one way street.  I give to you, you keep or you give away.

There you have it.  It's a simple, 5 step plan, that will have your garage back to housing cars, not mini-bathtubs, strollers, and boppies.  

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