We've Been Robbed

We thought for Halloween it would be a good idea to dress the kids up as something that really fits them.
Bank Robbers!

They're not your typical bank robbers.  They're partial to Chase Banks only.  More particularly Chase Accounts that end in **********9976.  They don't use force or weapons, just those sweet adoring eyes and the occasional "Da-Da".  Addison's eyes have already earned her whatever kind of wedding she wants and a red convertible when she turns 16.  Tyler has earned numerous trips to Texas de Brazil.  To each their own.  

Okay, so we didn't really dress them up as bank robbers.  But as we were getting them ready for Halloween, we noticed the underneath of their costumes made them look very similiar.  

I present to you, The Ladybug and The Bumble Bee...the very disgruntled lady bug and bumble bee...the we've taken 300 pictures in these costumes lady bug and bumble bee...the this is my dinner time and we are not eating lady bug and bumble bee.  Our trip consisted of neighbors to the left, neighbors to the right, back to neighbors on left and home.  

Speaking of neighbors on the know the last blog where I mentioned the Drive and Dump, and the twins, and find someone really close to give your stuff too....Well, they made the Facebook announcement this week, so I feel it's safe to make the blog announcement.  They are the ones expecting twinkies!  So, I never even had to load up a truck.  Arms loaded, 18 paces to the right, ring door bell, walk in, and dump. Very convenient and very exciting. 

There's talk of digging underground tunnels and play rooms...I'll keep you posted. 

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